The Windows 10 preview builds are coming fast with 10159

Even though it’s only one day out from the last Windows 10 build, 10158, the next build is already here and rolling out to fast rings users. Build 10159 is an incremental update from 10158, and includes two changes – bug fixes and a new wallpaper. Not just any wallpaper either, but the highly anticipated Windows 10 default background, also known as Hero. It’s hard to beat Bliss for the best wallpaper of all time, but Microsoft is really trying.

The fast update comes as a result of a very stable last build. There wasn’t anything terribly exciting happening in the last build, but a large number of stability improvements were made, as well as enabling some extra functionality in Edge and Cortana. There wasn’t a lot of elaboration as to what the bug fixes in 10159 are, but the Microsoft blog reported that there were over 300 of them.

The big change, however, is the addition of the Hero background. The new default wallpaper for all versions of Windows 10 is now in the hands, and on the desktops, of all fast ring users. Rather than a rendered image, the wallpaper was created from a photo taken of light reflecting through glass panes. Microsoft went into great detail regarding the inspiration and creation of the image with a video that’s posted above.

It looks like updates to Windows 10 are going to keep flowing in as the consumer release creeps closer and closer. The majority of the changes will focus on bug fixes and compatibility improvements, and major features will likely be kept to a minimum. If you aren’t already in the fast ring, it’s the only place to check out all of these fixes and updates as they’re coming through, although there’s a possibility the slow ring will get one or two more builds before July 29th.