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Toshiba refreshes Qosimo X875 gaming laptop with 1TB hybrid hard drive

Toshiba’s gaming flagship, the Qosimo X875, has been updated with a new 1TB hybrid laptop hard drive. It combines a small amount of solid state storage with a traditional mechanical drive in an attempt to offer excellent load times and massive storage capacity at a low price.

Hybrid drives are not new. Seagate debuted its Momentus XT line several years ago and many ultrabooks offer a similar arrangement that pairs an independent solid state drive with a standard hard disk. Toshiba’s X875 simply offers more. This would mark the first time a 1TB hybrid drive showed up in a laptop.

The rest of the laptop’s hardware has carried over from the 2012 model and includes a selection of Intel Core i5 and i7 processors as well as Nvidia’s powerful GTX 670M. These specifications should let Toshiba trade blows with Samsung’s Series 7 Gamer and the ASUS G-Series. An appealing entry price of $1,480 should help in that fight.

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