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TP-Link’s new routers give you a huge mesh network for just $99

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Mesh networks might have their advantages but they do tend to be rather expensive. That’s something TP-Link is looking to change with its new Deco W2400 mesh router bundle, which gives you two mesh routers for just $99 and offers high-speed coverage up to 3,000 square feet.

“A mesh system is the perfect solution for consumers struggling with Wi-Fi signal who need fast Wi-Fi coverage for their entire home. But, until now, the cost of mesh Wi-Fi has been prohibitively expensive,” said Louis Liu, CEO of TP-Link. That’s a sentiment we’ve seen play out all too often in recent years. Our own list of the best wireless routers you can buy has great mesh-networking hardware like Google Wi-Fi and the Eero mesh routers. But they cost hundreds of dollars where TP-Link’s new solution manages to offer much the same for just $99.

The full name for the hardware is the Deco W2400 Whole Mesh Wi-Fi system. TP-Link claims that it has a potential range of 3,000 square feet and can handle as many as 100 Wi-Fi devices at once, all of which can be managed dynamically using the adaptive path selection system which helps give each device enough room on the spectrum to retain decent performance.

Another common advantage of mesh networks is their ease of setup. We loved Google’s Wi-Fi mesh routers for how easy they were to get going with and TP-Link promises similar ease of us with its new Deco mesh routers. We’re told that the iOS and Android apps streamline setup and even let you customize the network once it’s up and running to maximize coverage and speed. The app also has built in parental controls for those who want to have a firmer grip on what the rest of their household can do on the network.

Other features include support for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums, with 2,400Mbps maximum throughput across both bands, with full Wi-Fi 5 support. It’s also fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant and IFTTT for greater integration with IoT devices.

TP-Link has partnered with Walmart to launch its new Deco mesh router bundle. It’s up for sale exclusively in store and on with a price of $99 for a two pack.

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