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The redesigned MacBook Air may have been delayed until the end of 2022

A completely redesigned MacBook Air is in the works, but it’s launch may now have been delayed until the end of 2022. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the redesigned MacBook Air with a more powerful silicon processor will likely go into mass production in the third quarter of 2022.

The Apple analyst had previously forecasted the launch to take place around the middle of 2022, but in a recent research note, he made a change to his previous announcement that provides a more specific prediction for the mass production to start in either the late second quarter or early third quarter of 2022.

A colorful MacBook Air concept shared by Jon Prosser.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Apple’s new machine is expected to undergo quite a few of changes. Apart from getting a more high-end and powerful Silicon processor, it will feature a completely revamped design including a mini-LED display. The company will bring MagSafe back to the Air lineup, a feature it had previously removed, including a MagSafe charging connector. The device will also feature two USB 4 ports.

According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, the new machine will sport a “thinner and lighter” chassis. The hardware giant intends on releasing the new laptop in a variety of colors, as it did with the 24-inch M1 iMac, according to Apple leaker and YouTube tech personality Jon Prosser, who shared renders of the upcoming machine earlier this year. The renders also show new white keyboards that marks a huge departure from the black keyboards we have been seeing since years.

Considering the current M1 MacBook Air was so well-received thanks to the Silicon chip it hosts, we expect big things from the upcoming version. It’s expected to feature a processor that’s even faster than the one on the current laptop, so it might be the perfect Mac for a while.

The current M1 model is still high in demand, so it’s highly unlikely that we are going to get another MacBook Air before the end of next year. The last update to the MacBook Air was made in November of last year. Apple updated the machine with the M1 chip while maintaining the same design as the previous MacBook Air laptops. While it is expected for the company to update a couple of its Macs with the silicon chip, the MacBook Air most probably won’t be one of them.

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