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Three new Viewsonic XG series monitors now being sold, including a 4K model

If you followed our coverage of CES, which took place just last month, you may recall Viewsonic’s weighty lineup of “high performance” gaming monitors being announced, complete with a slew of varying configurations. Well, now the company is back to remind you that three of those monitors — the XG2401, XG2701, and XG2700-4K — are newly available for purchase, each accompanied by a distinct pricing label.

As a refresher, the 24-inch XG2401 and the 27-inch XG2701 both bear modest 1080p displays, but a higher-than-expected 144Hz refresh rate. These specs are coupled with AMD’s FreeSync technology, which claims to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering during gameplay. And, unique to Viewsonic displays, it even offers up the company’s SmartSync tech, which automatically determines and outputs the optimal refresh rate, response time, and lowest input lag, specifically devised with first-person shooters in mind.

The only tangible difference between the XG2401 and XG2701, aside from the obvious size distinction, is that the 27-inch model sports some essential Game Mode features that are notably omitted from its 24-inch twin. Both, however, exhibit a nifty black stabilization function that allegedly “helps players spot enemies lurking in the dark” while retaining “brilliant rich colors and contrast.”

Moving a step up from the near-granular 1080p panels, as the name implies, the XG2700-4K Ultra HD LED gaming monitor bolsters a sharper 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. At only 27 inches, the 8 million pixel count is sure to be easy on the eyes, assuming your PC can handle it. Like its lower resolution counterparts, the XG2700-4K, too, brings AMD’s FreeSync technology to the table, although this is combined with an impressive 5ms response time and low input lag.

Likewise, Viewsonic’s 4K monster even packs in Game Mode, a feature set that purportedly “optimizes AAA visuals, in addition to the black stabilization function found in the other two models. As for connectivity support, you can expect DisplayPort 1.2a and HDMI 2.0, which allow for a 4K resolution at a buttery smooth 60Hz refresh rate.

The XG2401 is out now for a budget-friendly, albeit oddly specific, $404, while Viewsonic’s XG2701 can be found for $529, and you can get the XG2700-4K for $913. All three are available for purchase from Viewsonic directly or from other online retailers.

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