Windows 10 Build 10122 rolls out in the fast lane

windows 10 build 10122 rolls out in the fast lane

As the planned release of Windows 10 this summer draws closer, Technical Preview builds are starting to roll out at a greater pace, and the fun continues with Build 10122. There aren’t a lot of big functionality changes in this update, but there are some convenient bug fixes, and a bit more tweaking.

Microsoft has continued to experiment with the Start Menu over the last few updates, and 10122 brings even more changes. This time around, the File Explorer and Settings apps have been relocated to the bottom left corner of the menu. Meanwhile, the button to switch back and forth between a Start Menu and the Start Screen has been moved off the menu, and into the Settings app.


Despite the newest Microsoft browser now having a real name, Microsoft Edge, it’s still referred to as Project Spartan in this build of Windows 10. The New Tab page that was shown off at Build is now implemented, and combines top websites you visit, as well as MSN content, into a convenient starting page when you open the browser. In addition, Edge now has an InPrivate mode, for when you don’t want others to know what you were looking at, and you can attach pages to your Start Menu for quick access.


Among the major changes for build 10122 is a shift in the way Windows handles default programs. Before, a program could request default status for file types when installed, or when launched. Now, only Windows has the ability to change default applications. You’ll only see these prompts when you open a file that has new applications available to launch it – otherwise you’ll have to go into the Default apps tab in Settings to change the default programs. Whether or not consolidating all of those options on the Windows side is actually a move towards user freedom or not remains to be seen.


Finally, Microsoft has taken care of some minor bug fixes, mostly aesthetic changes having to do with the Start Menu and the Settings app, and fixed some font issues on higher DPI displays. Additionally, the Insider Hub has had some work done to bring it more line with the styling and UI of the rest of Windows 10.


The newest Technical Preview build of Windows 10 is available now to users that are signed up for the Fast development cycle, but isn’t quite ready for an .iso release.