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Latest Windows 10 Insider preview build fixes Microsoft Edge bugs and others

The next update for Windows 10 Insiders will help fix up a number of bugs that are faced by Windows users the world over. Available for anyone on the Fast Ring, Preview Build 15063 specifically shores up problems with Microsoft Edge and an outstanding issue with the .Net Framework 3.5 release.

Microsoft has had a lot of success with its Insider rings over the past few years, having its biggest fans act as external beta testers to iron out bugs and problems before new builds of Windows reach the public. The latest Insider Build looks to do much the same, though there are a few outstanding issues which Microsoft says it is aware of.

There were two big changes for PC users in this release. The first is a fix for a reliability issue from Build 15061 that affected Microsoft Edge and caused it to hang. That’s been cleared up, as well as a problem where localized files and registry keys for additional language packs would not be installed when the .Net Framework 3.5 was enabled.

But of course, Windows 10 isn’t just an operating system for PCs any more, it’s also a mobile OS. The fixes for that branch of the system are more numerous and affect things like inbox apps failing to launch, a bug that caused background tasks not to run properly, a problem that would see call, text, and email history lost after a device reboot, and another where speech packs would not install correctly.

All of those and a few more have been fixed up in the new Insider Build, though Microsoft has pointed out in its release notes that there are a few outstanding issues. Language pack installs have been disabled for the next week; a particular error message may require manually deleting a registry key, though that fix is not guaranteed; some apps and games may crash due to advertising ID issues from a previous build, and there remains an issue where reboot prompts are not being shown correctly after downloading an update.

Microsft also acknowledged that it was releasing a lot of builds recently, but that it appreciated the enthusiasm and feedback of the Insider user base.

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