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Xerox’s new app-based office printers hope to change the way you work

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology – the User Interface Advantage
You may not give a second thought to the printer or scanner in your office until it breaks down, but Xerox is hoping it can make your next print or copy job a bit more enjoyable — maybe even put a smile on your face, like all those happy people in the above video. In an effort to redefine an entire product category, the company is launching 29 new printers and multifunction devices that share a renewed approach to how users will interact with them. All of the devices are built around Xerox’s ConnectKey suite of technologies that brings cloud-connected, app-based, touchscreen interfaces to office document production and management.

The printers are split across two product lines, called VersaLink and AltaLink. The VersaLink line is designed for the lower-volume needs of small businesses and distributed teams and includes 19 printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). AltaLink offers 10 additional MFPs geared toward larger-volume work. Within both lineups, Xerox says it has a solution for virtually any workspace, from a small office to an enterprise-level organization. All of the printers also offer a variety of security features to both protect data and guard against unauthorized use.

A key focus for Xerox was unifying the user experience across each product. Tablet-like touchscreens built into the printers present a familiar interface to users, with personalization options that can be customized down to the level of an individual user. One-touch integration with popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive further improves ease of use.

Finally, Xerox is also opening its operating system to third-party app developers, as well as offering a number of its own apps that will streamline document production. We’re not sure if this means you could soon be playing Angry Birds on your office printer, but it should help with the creation and management of things like patient medical records, real estate contracts, and retail invoicing, according to Xerox.

Two VersaLink printers are already shipping, with the full range of both VersaLink and AltaLink models expected to be available sometime in the first half of 2017.

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