Ximeta Netdisk Review

Quote from the review at HardExtreme:

” Ximeta Inc. based in Irvine, CA recently unveiled its line of Netdisk external hard drives. The Netdisk is a robust external hard drive solution that takes advantage of Ximeta’s own NDAS technology. Ximeta’s site states, “NDAS is an acronym for Network Direct Attached Storage, XIMETA’s patented disk storage technology which allows direct connection to your network without a server, IP address, or a protocol.” The drive is the first in its class that allows you to connect it to a network via Ethernet without a host.There is no need to purchase expensive server equipment so I find this very cost effective. You can also use it as a regular USB 2.0 drive. In our review we’ll be going over some of the features of the Netdisk as well as let you know about the final verdict and whether we’ll award it the Editors Choice Award for January.”

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Quote from the review at The Tech Lounge:

“The Ximeta NetDisk offers a great new storage solution at a very attractive price. Gone will be the days of a dedicated file server for homes and small businesses. The NetDisk is a fraction of the cost, noise, and size of most file servers. If you are looking for an extremely high speed solution, you might want to look elsewhere but with the future addition of Linux and Mac support, the practicality of the NetDisk and the performance we experienced, we feel the NetDisk would make a great addition to any network. We will definitely be using it in our office for quite some time.”

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