Aeroshot gives users a boost of caffeine in aerosol form

aeroshot gives users a boost of caffeine in aerosol form

For most of us, caffeine has become part of the daily waking-up routine, usually in the form of a large mug of piping hot coffee. If you don’t get your daily two cups, you probably get a headache or just feel a little sluggish. Caffeine has become the go-to solution for that pesky 2 p.m. slump as well, sometimes in the form of Red Bull or other probably unhealthy energy drinks. While we generally don’t think of either of these options as particularly inconvenient, someone has come up with a quicker, faster, and no-coffee way to get your daily caffeine boost. The Aeroshot ($TBA) provides users with a portable dose of 100mg of caffeine (about the same as a large cup of coffee) via an aerosol burst of fine powder. 

The tiny portable shot can be taken anywhere, no matter the temperature, and will even get through TSA security at the airport (or so they say). Users simply pull on the green end to open the shot, then gently puff in through the gray end to get six to eight smaller doses of caffeine per device. The fine powder released by the Aeroshot dissolves instantly in your mouth, and you can forget worrying about exactly how many calories are in that Venti Caramel Vanilla Latte — this dose of caffeine comes with zero calories. No word on price yet, and that might be the most important factor when it comes to converting caffeine addicts. If it’s comparable to a typical Starbucks drink order, then it would sure seem like a good alternative.