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Alurtek Wi-Fi alarm wakes to Internet radio

Clock radios might be a terrible passé way to wake up in the morning…but what about waking up to Internet radio? Where there local FM airspace might have room for a few dozen stations, there are thousands of streaming Internet radio stations, many of which offer content simply unavailable via local airwaves. Aluratek’s Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in Wi-Fi aims to fill that niche, offering users a way to wake up to Internet-based radio stations anywhere they can get Internet access—and that can be via Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection.

The Internet Radio Alarm enables users to choose from more than 11,000 online radio stations from around the world using a built-in online tuning service—no setup fees or subscriptions required. Users can easily search from stations in more than 150 countries by genre (classical, pop, sports, talk, and more) and save their favorites for future reference; the unit also sports two programmable alarms and a remote control. Users can also tap into any UPnP media servers on their local network, access music on USB drives or MP3 players via a USB port, or hook up additional speakers via RCA jacks (the system has two 2 Watt speakers plus a headphone jack). And for folks who really like their local radio, there’s even an FM receiver.

The Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm is available now for a suggested price of $99. Aluratek also makes the Libre ereader, available through Borders.

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