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Amplify your iPod with the Trumstand speaker dock

iPhone and iPod speaker docks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most still look vaguely like speakers. Few, however, come across as more ornamental or more for display as a potential piece of art in your house. 

Step in the Trumstand from the Japanese company Pleiades. It looks like a somewhat twisted trumpet horn. Apparently, the Trumstand does not use electronics to amplify your iPod’s audio. Instead it uses just the natural acoustics of the horn-shaped speaker. The sound apparently goes through into the osund box – the base of the Trumstand – which are reportedly made of a thick alloy to minimize external vibrations. 

The stand weighs in at about 4.3kg. The base is made from a machined block of aluminum. The horn comes in either plated gold or silver. Buying either one will set you back a bit. It costs 150,800 yen or about $2,000 for the gold model and 138,000 yen or about $1,800 for the silver model.

If you’re curious for more information head on down to Pleiades website

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