Apple Confirms iPod nano Screen Problems

Is the nano a no-no? Apple Computer is responding to complaints from customers who purchased its new iPod nano digital music player, complaining of scratched and cracked screens and easily scratched cases.

According to MacCentral, a component of Macworld magazine, Apple VP’s of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller says the broken and scratched screens are a "vendor quality problem" impacting "less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the total iPod nano units that we’ve shipped."

Schiller says customers whose iPod nano screens crack should contact AppleCare and their iPod nanos will be replaced.

As for scratched iPod nano screens, Schiller says the screens are made from the same material used on the current fourth-generation iPod, which hasn’t been the subject of similar customer complaints. Schiller suggested customers concerned about scratched screens on their iPod nano should consider one of the many cases or protective covers available from a variety of vendors.

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