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Belkin Announces TuneDeck for iPod nano

Belkin Announces TuneDeck for iPod nano

If you’re one of the untold millions who’ve joined the digital music revolution by way of Apple’s iPod nano but don’ happen to have a vehicle equipped with a nano-friendly sound system, peripheral and accessory maker Belkin will shortly have a solution for you in the form of the Belkin TuneDeck for iPod nano.

The Belkin TuneDeck plugs into your car’s existing cassette deck and pumps your iPod nano’s music library through your car’s stereo system. The included mounting bracket rotates so users can easily view the nano’s built-in screen to see track names and playlists, but the nano does kinda wind up suspended in the air in front of your stereo faceplate, potentially inhibiting access to controls like a volume knob. TuneDeck can also power and charge the iPod nano using the including mobile power cord. The TuneDeck for iPod nano is compatible with most car cassette players and claims to offer an inner-magnetic, shake-resistance design.

The TuneDeck for iPod nano will ship in North American markets in July 2006 with an estimated retail price of $49.99; the product should ship in Asia, Europe, and Australia shortly thereafter.

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