The strangest things the TSA snatched in 2012

It’s easy to hate on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for being too strict with those carry-on liquid limitations and requiring everyone to turn off their cellphones before flight take off and landing. At the same time, it’s also fun to love them for running this wonderful blog full of things authorities confiscated from airports across the United States. For the past two years, Blogger Bob of the TSA has been running “Week In Review” posts that highlight the best of what the team snatched from people’s carry-on and checked baggage. Here’s our review of the strangest stuff people attempted to bring on board this year.

Stun guns disguised as cellphones

best of what the tsa snatched 2012 stun gun cell phoneOn several occasions this year, a several travelers attempted to bring stun guns on board by covering the exterior with what look like a bad imitation of a candybar cellphone. At a glance, these could possibly pass as cellphones, or at the very least toy ones. While it may be a clever way to carry stun guns around to keep yourself save from predators on land, it’s a pretty scary thing to be near on a plane. Could you imagine finding this at the airport lounge thinking it’s someone’s lost phone only to shock your face trying to make calls?

best of what the tsa snatched 2012 at 4 rocket launcherAT-4 Rocket Launcher, December 2012

Discovered in a checked bag at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE) serving Latrobe, Pennsylvania, someone decided it was a good idea to pack an 84-mm single-shot weapon along with their socks and undies. Who just has a military-sized rocket launcher sitting in their bag? The TSA may find prohibited weapons in people’s luggage every day, but a rocket launcher definitely gave us – as your average occasional travelers – a huge double take. Also, where can we get a luggage that fits something this gigantic? We’d love to maximize baggage room this holiday travel season.

Dagger Hair Brush/Comb

best of what the tsa snatched 2012 brush knives 7 20 12Oh, hey, that looks like an ordinary hair brush, could I have a borrow? OH MY GAH WHY IS MY SCALP BLEEDING. This is one truly terrifying way to bring a knife aboard a plane, because this thing legitimately looks like your average hair comb when assembled. The photo on the right illustrate the brush knives discovered within the same week in this past July, proving that such a weapon is not particularly uncommon. Maybe an interesting tool for ladies to keep themselves safe. Related: Lipstick knife.

best of what the tsa snatched 2012 pocketknife chips canPocketknife inside a Pringles can, November 2012

Sometimes, it’s not about what you tried to bring on board but how. Such is the case with this ordinary pocketknife hidden inside a tube can of potato chips discovered at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). I don’t know about you but salty, bloody chips sounds like the worst flavor Pringles has invented yet. What are the chances that knife fell in there by mistake? Now this is why you don’t take candy, chips, snacks, anything from strangers.

Walker Knife, May 2012

best of what the tsa snatched 2012 walker knifeEither this attempt to sneak a knife onto a plane is super clever or the person pulling this stunt is dumb as rocks. Sure, the knife doesn’t look all too obvious at a glance, but it is silly to believe walkers, strollers, and push carts don’t get investigated before they’re let in to the gates. It’s also a weird surprise that this walker knife was found at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) – one of the busiest hub in the nation. Maybe the traveler thought airport security would be too busy to notice.

Peanut Butter Pot

best of what the tsa snatched 2012 peanut butter potPeanut butter’s a pretty strange thing to take with you on a plane considering you can buy them wherever you’re headed in the states … but not if they’ve got some nice leafy greens in them. This year, the TSA caught several instances of travelers hollowing out a jar of peanut butter only to conceal a bag of weed inside. In hindsight, peanut butter and pot might go well together in times of need (not that I’m speaking from experience, ahem). Just don’t try to bring it on a plane quite in this manner.

[Images via The TSA Blog, top photo Carolina K. Smith MD/Shutterstock]

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