This billion dollar superyacht can host its own concert

Looking for luxury and versatility in a superyacht? If so, how about a 230-footer with a forward deck large enough for concerts and outdoor cinema? In a pinch, the Heesen Galactica Super Nova’s deck also serves as a helipad, according to Tech Insider.

Designed by naval architect Espen Øino and decorated by Sinot, the aluminum, fast displacement yacht tops out at 30 knots, which is impressive for a boat measuring 70 meters. There’s no announced price (“If you have to ask …”), but a Heesen spokesperson told Business Insider that 10 million pounds ($13.2 million) per meter is about right for this yacht class. With that estimate, the Galactica Super Nova should price out somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 million pounds ($923.6 million). A billion dollars may seem a lot of money, but remember, you’ll save on a ski boat because this aluminum yacht is fast enough to pull a full team of waterskiers.

Helipads, concerts, and outdoor film screening aside, the Galactica Super Nova’s 6-meter main deck infinity pool is packed with special features. The pool includes hydro-massage spa jets, a waterfall, and glass panels on the bottom for natural light to the deck below, which also offer a view of your aquatic exploits for those below.

The number of staterooms and heads isn’t mentioned (it’s safe to assume there are quite a few), but there are ample entertainment spaces in the four-level yacht. In addition to a wind-protected, partially shaded sun deck with a barbecue and dining area, there’s also an aft day lounge that serves as a club at night.

If you want a break from the water and sun, interior lounges decorated with Italian Marble and leather furniture abound. And if you’d rather watch films inside, there’s another home cinema for just that purpose.

The Galactica Super Nova is the largest and most extravagant superyacht Heesen has produced. So if you’re intrigued but looking for a superyacht in the same class but with different design features, they can probably hook you up with another yacht — it just won’t be as long.


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