Bloc the wooden Apple TV holder makes the device part of your furniture

We can’t argue against how well-designed Apple products are, but we do have a few things to say about its practicality in daily life. Take for example the Apple TV. From the ads, the little black box is a tiny device that should fit into any home regardless of furniture design aesthetics. In reality, it’s more than just that: since most of you will be attaching an HDMI cord to your Apple TV, you might have already noticed how the cord is heavier than the Apple TV itself. Frustrated by the same problem, designer Austin White crafted a wooden placeholder to prevent the device from tilting around. Thus, Blocs were born.

bloc the wooden apple tv holder cherry w

“The weight of the HDMI cord is greater than the Apple TV itself [so the device] kept turning skew,” White tells Digital Trends. “So when I went to use the remote, I needed longer arms to hold out to the side to point the remote at the front of the Apple TV.”

bloc the wooden apple tv holder walnut slotWhite was kind enough to send us a piece of his creation and we have to say, this thing is quite beautiful. To some, it may be just your average wooden tray with slots carved out. But to us, it solves a seemingly benign but nit-picky issue. After all, how can you appreciate the Apple design aesthetic if the device can’t even stand faced forward to sync with your remote?

With the Bloc wooden placeholder, your Apple TV and remote always have a place to go. White says he chose wood for the design because woodworking has always been a hobby, and the contrast of cool technology and classic wood seemed like a neat way to show both items off. The selection of Walnut, Cherry, or Maple wood colors also makes it easy for you to match the accessory to your current furnitures. Out of the box, the Bloc does have a pretty strong scent of wood — which totally proves it’s the real deal — but overtime, the smell does dissipate for those who may be a little put off.

bloc the wooden apple tv holder walnut bottomIt’s a neat design with a simple solution, and thankfully, a modest price tag to go with. The American-made Bloc, in three available wood colors, retails for $40 and comes just in time for the holiday shopping season. Put this on the list for your diehard Apple fan, or those who can appreciate minimalistic design to change the way you aim your clicker at the Apple TV forever.

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