This backpack doubles as a briefcase, and is immune to thieves

The Bobby backpack turned out to be a big hit with Kickstarter backers last year, with the durable, secure, and stylish bag attracting $820,000 of funding from more than 10,000 backers.

Well, its Dutch creators have just returned with a new design that clearly wants to be the best business briefcase and backpack in town.

The new Bobby Bizz bag takes many of the features of the original Bobby but adds a bunch of new ones, weaving them into a more serious design that you’d have no qualms about carrying into an important business meeting.

Like the Bobby, the Bizz also puts security front and center. The bag’s exterior, which includes a lightweight metal frame, is tough enough to repel knife blades while also protecting the bag’s contents from knocks.

Tbobby bizz backpack briefcasehe right shoulder strap includes an anti-cut steel wire so you can secure it to a fixed object when you’re in a cafe or restaurant or resting outside somewhere. It also has a built-in anti-theft lock and hidden zippers to foil would-be thieves.

The Bizz, which tips the scales at 2.87 pounds (1300 grams), opens to an angle of 30 degrees for quick access, as well as to 90 and 180 degrees if you need more space to get all your stuff organized. It’s big enough to hold any 15.6-inch laptop, and also “some” 17-inch models.

There are plenty of pockets and slots inside — and hidden ones in the side and back as well — to keep everything in place, and the bag’s water-repellent outer layer ensures everything stays dry. It also includes an integrated USB charging point that connects your power bank with your phone or other mobile device to keep them juiced up when you’re out and about.

And for safer night cycling, the bag features reflective bars on the side and back to help drivers spot you in the road ahead.

Thanks to the success of the Bobby, the team has learned a lot and carried many of the best bits over to the Bizz. However, a neat touch unique to the Bizz is its ability to switch from a backpack to a briefcase in just a couple of moves, so you can cycle to a meeting with it on your back and stroll into the room clutching it in your hand like a true professional — with all the unsightly straps concealed.

You can pre-order the Bobby Bizz with a pledge of 75 euros (currently about $85), which includes shipping, and if the campaign goes to plan, you’ll have this nifty-looking briefcase-backpack combo delivered to your door in September, 2017.

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