BoomCase turns vintage suitcases into stylish portable sound

boomcase turns vintage suitcases into stylish portable sound img 8131

Bay Area designer Dominic Francisco Odbert (also known as Mr. Simo) is the mastermind behind these charming portable suitcase sound systems, or as he likes to call them, BoomCases. The cases are custom-made using vintage suitcases and have built-in chargers for easy portability.

Your BoomCase can be plugged into the wall and the battery will last seven hours or longer on a single charge. The cases will work with your iPod, iPhone, or any other device that has a headphone jack. An extra iPod/USB charging feature can also be added. Odbert is a self-proclaimed audio-nut, so he ensures that along with the unique design comes superior sound quality. Prices start at $250.

See more BoomCases at Mr. Simo’s site.