Obliterate houseflies like a boss with the new and improved Bug-A-Salt gun

bug a salt gun camofly 2 indiegogo

Still killing flies with that busted old fly swatter? It’s high time you upgraded. It’s 2015, for god’s sake; you shouldn’t be murdering invasive insects with an old bug paddle like some sort of barbarian. Anti-fly technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past couple years, and now, thanks to artist Lorenzo Maggiore, there’s a better way to rid your home of unwelcome, winged intruders.

You might remember Maggiore’s first invention from a couple years ago: the Bug-A-Salt gun. It’s essentially a plastic shotgun that fires concentrated bursts of table salt. It’s not powerful enough to break through skin (or even a plastic bag), but to a fly, the hail of Morton’s is as effective as a blast of hot lead.

The first generation Bug-A-Salt made a huge splash on Indiegogo when it was first released, and now, roughly two years later, Maggiore is back on the crowdfunding platform with version 2.0.

This new-and-improved fly blaster, dubbed the Camofly, is better in just about every way. It’s more powerful, has a longer range, and uses less salt per shot than its predecessor. You’ll also find a few design flourishes on the new model, including a salt chamber window, texturized handgrip, pop-up sight, and self-activating safety that locks the trigger after you’ve pumped a shot into the chamber.

You can lock one down for a pledge of just $55, five of which will be donated to veterans. The project has already surpassed its $50K funding goal and still has nearly a month left in the campaign. Assuming that manufacturing goes smoothly, Maggiore expects to ship Camofly to backers sometime in March.