CES 2006 Profile: Linksys

Networking hardware company Linksys was busy showcasing three new products at CES 2006 earlier this month which are targeted towards streaming media, networked storage and security. These products include a streaming audio device, an all-in-one network router with storage capability and a wireless Internet security camera.

The WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge is designed to let users wirelessly transfer PC audio output to a stereo or other speaker system located within a home. It connects via traditional audio cables or optical digital connectors and can play any sound that would normally be heard through a PC’s existing speakers.

Linksys’ NAS solution is the new WRTSL54GS Wireless-G Media Storage Link Router with Speed Booster. This device combines the features of an Internet sharing router, Wireless G access point and a media streaming server. On top of this is added the ability to browse and use files on a USB attached storage device. The storage device can also be setup to be available publicly for download via a web browser.

The WVC54GC Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera connects wirelessly to a home network and sends a live video stream to any authorized user who browses through a web browser on a Windows-based PC. It can also send email alerts with video clips to up to three email addresses when it detects motion within its field of view.