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Cubs trail in the series but lead in the clubhouse

At this writing, the Cubs are down 3-1 in the World Series and are looking at a fast exit in their first Fall Classic in ages. While they may be in dire straits when it comes to the Series, they can at least relax in what may be the coolest clubhouse this side of … well, the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Yes, the Enterprise isn’t an MLB clubhouse, but that’s what this one looks like! Wrigley Field opened in 1902 and until recently, the home and visiting clubhouses were little more than broom closets — ill-suited to today’s players. Players bumped into and stumbled all over themselves getting from here to there. Cubs management decided to fix that, and began a five year renovation program in the winter of 2014 to bring The Friendly Confines up to spec. Well, at least most of it. The Cubs now have the second-largest clubhouse in The Show, second only to the Yankees, who could never take a backseat to anyone.

The spacious lockers are fully wired for tech. No doubt the entire place is a massive Wi-Fi hotspot. The video replay room is ready to take a close look at any play. The Tribune adds the team now has an “expanded locker room, a strength and conditioning center, training areas, offices, a lounge, a media room and, of course, the celebration room — aka ‘the party room.'” While the Cubs may have to wait awhile longer for a World Series title, their technology is clearly up to date.

According to the Chicago Tribune, work on the visiting team clubhouse is set to begin in 2018 and wrap in 2019. They took care of their guys quickly, but the road team will have to make do for a bit longer. After all, why rush to make the other guys comfortable? Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told the Tribune (with a wink) during a June series, “These close quarters build team unity.”

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