Creative Unveils New Portable Speakers

Digital entertainment products manufacturer Creative today unveiled several new portable speaker systems geared towards MP3 player and notebook users. The three new systems are all available now, with the TravelDock Zen Micro priced at $129.99, the TravelDock 900 priced at $79.99 and the TravelSound 400 priced at $69.99.

The TravelDock Zen Micro, Creative said, is specifically designed for the company’s Zen Micro and Zen MicroPhoto MP3 players. This particular portable speaker system features four sound micro drivers, weighs 12 ounces and includes a wireless remote to control the system from up to 26 feet away. It is designed to allow a Zen Micro to nestle securely between the speakers and features a protective cover that flips open to serve as a stand. The system, when connected to an AC adapter, charges the MP3 player.

The TravelDock 900 has a built in docking stereo plug to connect to any MP3 player. It has a clamshell design and has the same sound drivers as the TravelDock Zen Micro. The TravelSound 400, meanwhile, works with either MP3 players or notebooks. It has a 180-degree swivel design to offer users the ability to position the speakers to any listening angle and then rotate them back into the integrated stand. It also features advanced audio controls including volume and power.

“We designed the TravelDock speakers to provide a great-looking high- quality sound system everywhere you’d take an MP3 player,” said Brad Anderson, director of product marketing for Creative. “With the TravelDock Zen Micro, you can just plug in your Zen Micro or Zen MicroPhoto to get an instant sound system. The included remote works with the player and the speakers. The whole system fits easily in a bag or briefcase, and the cover that protects the Zen and the speakers folds open to function as a stand.

“The TravelDock 900 looks like a sunglass case and it’s just as compact; it fits easily in your jacket or bag,” continued Anderson. “When you open the case, you have a high quality sound system that works with any MP3 player.”

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