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Crisp Clothing uses artificial intelligence to make a shirt that fits perfectly

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Crisp Clothing
Finding a tailored shirt that perfectly fits you can be an exercise in futility. Startup Crisp Clothing wants to make it a norm. The family-owned company guarantees it can tailor a shirt to perfectly fit you using your height and weight and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to receive funding.

The company is founded by father-and-son duo Swapnil and Prakash Kamble. To get the perfect shirt from Crisp, you would need to submit your height and weight to the company during its Kickstarter survey after donating making your purchase before the campaign ends. This is possible because of Bodylabs, the group of engineers and scientists with a technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that get an accurate body measurement. Another example of the future of clothing technology.

The shirts are made with 100 percent Egyptian Giza cotton and made by hand by a team of skilled tailors. The shirts currently come in white, black, blue, and pink. Getting your hands on one of them will not come cheap as the shirts will retail for $108 if the campaign reaches its goal. You may be able to get one for as low as pledging $78 toward the campaign, but there are only 12 more shirts left at that price, at the time of publication.

Crisp Clothing promises every shirt will fit perfectly, but just in case it does not, the company is offering $20 worth of alteration credit if it does not fit right. If Crisp can not get it to fit your body perfectly after trying to alter it, you can get a free remake of the shirt.

Custom clothing businesses have a track record of doing well on Kickstarter. In 2013, Threadmason’s Kickstarter campaign accumulated more than $34,000 in pledges for its custom T-shirt business in roughly five weeks. The clothing company’s approach was similar to Crisp’s as people would only need to send in their height, weight, and waist size.

Crisp’s Kickstarter campaign has amassed a little more than $2,000 of its $20,000 funding goal. The campaign ends on July 31. Shirts will ship to most backers in November but will ship in October for those who made an early-bird pledge.

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