DirecTV Sat-Go Takes Satellite TV With You

If there’s one thought that’s crossed the mind of most satellite TV owners—besides “where is that darn remote?”—it could be this: since the satellite signal the system receives is available almost everywhere, why is my television stuck in the living room? Shouldn’t I be able to tap in wherever I go?”

Well, the simple answer is that you can pull in satellite signals pretty much wherever you go in a service provider’s coverage area: the catch has always been the receiver. Compared to terrestrial television and signals, satellite transmissions are low powered and need larger antennas to gather up enough signal. (Just think about it: the transmitters are all the way up there in space, not just on the top of the next hill.) Although advances in technology have reduced the size of a satellite television dish from something which could double as a wading pool to something you might use as a cover to keep your dinner warm, they’re nowhere near as portable as, say, your cell phone.

Nonetheless, for people willing to go to some lengths to take their satellite television service wherever they go, DirectV now has a solution in the form of its portable Sat-Go system. The Sat-Go system is a handy suitcase-sized satellite TV system which combines a satellite antenna and receiver with an integrated 17-inch LCD display and stereo speakers. The system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, although users can also pop in AC adapters at home or in vehicles. The system offers a simple setup for customers to determine a line of sight with DirecTV satellites (you’ve got to have a view of the southern sky) and tap into their favorite programming within minutes. Users will be able to use the Sat-Go to tap into their authorized DirecTV programming (including premium packages and interactive features). Service isn’t available in Alaska and Hawaii.

“DirecTV’s digital satellite technology enables us to do what no cable service can, offer consumers TV programming that they can watch wherever they are,” said Eric Shanks, DirecTV Entertainment executive VP, in a statement. “DirecTV Sat-Go is the perfect companion for a summer road trip and the ultimate tailgating accessory for any sporting event. Since we unveiled a prototype of the unit in January, the DirecTV Sat-Go has created an exciting buzz in the marketplace and we are thrilled to make it available now to DirecTV customers across the country.”

When you’re not packing the Sat-Go around to campsite, on road-trips, or (we didn’t say this out loud, did we?) to work, the St-Go can be used as an addition in-home DirecTV receiver/and television. And the unit features component and composite AV inputs, a phone jack, a USB connection, and composite output, so you can connect it to other peripherals wherever you wind up.

The DirecTV Sat-Go is available now from DirecTV for $1,499 (exclusive of DirecTV programming charges and subscription fees) and should land at retailers soon.