DJI’s teaser drops some not-so-subtle hints about the upcoming Spark drone

Rumors about DJI’s upcoming Spark drone have been circulating for months now and, if the company’s latest promotional video is any indication, it seems that just about all of them are true.

The video, which was strategically released ahead of the company’s unveiling event on Wednesday, is filled with not-so-subtle hints about the drone’s size and purpose. It starts off with a flurry of first-person shots in which the drone emerges from inside a series of purses and backpacks. This basically confirms that the Spark will be the smallest and most portable addition to DJI’s product lineup, as it’s small enough to fit in a bag. The drone’s size was first revealed when leaked photographs of Spark prototypes surfaced in April and now we finally have some supporting evidence that suggests those photos are legitimate.

dji spark news

You’ll also notice a handful of other nods to the drone’s diminutive size peppered throughout the video. At multiple points in the footage, the drone zips through small openings that would likely be a death sentence for a larger aircraft. On top of that, DJI’s tagline for the event is “S(e)ize The Moment” — which implies that the drone is both small and also designed for taking pictures/video — most likely selfies.

Thing is, that is all we really know right now. The Spark’s full specs and features won’t be available until Wednesday and the only other details we have are based on speculation and unofficial images. It might have obstacle avoidance, it might have DJI’s intelligent flying modes, and it will probably have a two-axis gimbal to hold the camera — but that’s all just educated guessing. Despite all the leaks, we still have far more questions about the Spark than answers.

Will it come with a controller, or be piloted via a smartphone app? How long will the battery last? What will it cost? We still don’t know, but all will be revealed on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. (ET) — so be sure to circle back!

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