DLO Offers HomeDock and TransDock for Zune

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Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) is known for their extensive collection of iPod add-ons, products, and accessories, but the company today “further demonstrated its support for Microsoft’s Zune digital media player” by announcing the immediate availability of its HomeDock and TransDock products for the Zune.

“According to recent reports, Microsoft is on track to ship one million Zune units by this summer,” said Rick Case, DLO’s executive VP of sales, in a release. “As the market leader in digital device accessories, we fully intend to be out front supporting these millions of users with accessories and devices that will allow them to get the most out of their Zune experience.”

As Sony may attest, it can be one thing to ship a million units, but quite another sell a million units…but who are we to question “recent reports?”

The HomeDock for Zune enables Zune users to connect their Zune to their home television and stereo setup and control it from across the room with a wireless remote. The HomeDock enables on-TV navigation of media stored on your Zune, and connects to your TV or home theater setup via a composite video output or standard RCA stereo connections. (DLO doesn’t actually specify the connections, but from the product photos, there are plainly no component, DVI, or HDMI outputs.) The HomeDock charges the Zune while it’s docked, and a USB port enables users to sync their Zunes while docked. (DLO also seems to think Mac users will be able to Synx a Zune…we think not.) The HomeDock for Zune is priced at $99 and is available from DLO and selected Zune retailers.

DLO’s TransDock micro is an FM transmitter which enables car-bound Zune users to pump their music to their in-car audio systems. The TransDock micro includes a USB charging cable, a bright backlit display which shows the current FM transmission frequency, tuning buttons, four station presets, and an auxiliary output which can be used with a car aux input or cassette adapter. The TransDock micro is priced at $69.99.