DLO TransDock Puts iPod Video In Your Ride

Apple’s new Apple TV appliance might be all the rage this week, but while it may bridge the gap between iTunes and, say, your living room television, it doesn’t do anything do that location where children are the most annoying and where getting them to shut the heck up by plopping them down in front of a screen might well be a matter of public safety.

That’s right: your car.

To that end, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) has introduced its newsest TransDock accessory for video-capable iPods. Like previous TransDock (and TransPod) products, the new TransDock lets user pump their iPod music collection to their car audio system using an intregrated short-range FM transmitter. But the TransDock’s killer new feature is the ability to play back iPod movies on a vehicle’s in-car video system while pushing the soundtrack via that FM transmitter.

“One of the most requested car accessories today is an in-car entertainment system, whether factory-installed or as a separate, portable device,” said Garey De Angelis, DLO’s VP of Product Development, in a statement. “The DLO TransPod has been a market leader for years—bringing iPod music into the car for millions of iPod users. Now, TransDock takes it a step further and makes your iPod the heart of your entire mobile entertainment system.”

The new TransDock cradles and charges the iPod while offering users access to volume, bass, and treble controls from the car’s console, while a new video output capability enables users to connect their iPods to in-car video systems. The new TransDock also sports interchangeable faceplates so TransDock owners can customize the unit to match their car interior; there’s also a powered USB output so users can charge their mobile phone or other device while using the TransDock.

The new TransDock is available today at a suggested price of $99.99; it fits color and video-capable iPods, iPod nanos, and iPod minis, and some older non-video iPod models, although we’re bettng video playback is only supported on video-capable iPods.