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Even the Green Goblin would be jealous of this daredevil on a drone

A bola da Taça de Portugal Placard chegou pelo ar
When you think of drone delivery, you probably picture a quadcopter with a small package dangling beneath it. You certainly don’t imagine a man holding a soccer ball while standing on a multi-rotor copter that’s flying toward a ref who’s waiting to start a cup final, right?

So check out the video above, where you’ll be treated to the bizarre sight of a man holding a soccer ball while standing on a multi-rotor copter that’s flying toward a ref who’s waiting to start a cup final.

The eye-catching spectacle took place over the weekend at the start of the Portuguese Cup Final between Benfica Lisbon and Vitória de Guimarães at Lisbon’s National Stadium.

Sporting a rather fetching pair of gold-colored shoulder pads, the flying ball-deliverer rose above the crowd to much excitement, hovering high in the air while holding the all-important match ball.

Looking comfortable and in control, and handling the appalling weather conditions with aplomb, the daredevil pilot pulls a few gentle moves before making a perfect landing at the side of the field and handing the ball to the ref, allowing the game to get underway.

It’s an impressive display, and certainly a lot smoother than the early efforts of this guy who developed a flying suit using six micro-gas turbines for power.

In other drone-carries-human escapades, YouTube star Casey Neistat recently used a one to fly him over a house in rather spectacular fashion, while Latvia-based drone maker Aerones used one of its specially designed flying machines to hoist a guy hundreds of feet in the air for what was apparently the world’s first drone jump. Aerones’ plan is to market its machine as a cost-effective rescue vehicle for emergency situations where traditional forms of transport are of little use.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, Benfica won the soccer clash, beating Vitória de Guimarães 2-1.

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