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Electrolux Hawks Vacuums with High Art

How do you demonstrate that your appliance is as much a work of art as it a tool for sucking hair, bread crumbs and pet dander out of your carpet? Have Swedish artist Tobias Allanson build a kinetic sculpture as a vacuum test track, of course.

Electrolux did just that to promote its Ergorapido, an ultralight vacuum cleaner that Electrolux has marketed to emphasize its clean design as much as its cleaning performance. The resulting film shows the Ergorapido twisting through S-shaped trails of dirt with ease, diving under a table, and navigating in the dark using LED headlamps. Remind you a little bit of OK Go’s This Too Shall Pass video?

Of course, the grey pellets that seem to get kicked out the back while the Ergorapido crawls under the table (watch carefully at 44 seconds in) make us wonder how well it will actually clean your chic urban loft… but hey, this is art. You can still whip the $140 Ergorapido out to show friends how easily it navigates around your Vreta sofa, Leksvik coffee table and Poäng armchair, ja?

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