Eumax 5-in-1 MP3 Player Review

Quote from the review at HardExtreme:

“Don’t you hate when you buy a product and then a year later the manufacturer abandons it? Eumax comes to the rescue and will fully support their player by releasing firmware upgrades for the Eumax 5-in-1 mp3 player. Eumax guarantees that the firmware will be upgradeable through USB to future music formats that the record industry will support. None of the other players we have reviewed except the Neuros are able to be upgraded. For $119.99 most of the other competitors would have given you a 128 MB mp3 player and an FM Tuner. Eumax went to great lengths to make the customer happy and instead presented the consumer with an all in one player. It’s currently on sale at for $119.99 with free shipping.”

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