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Everpurse, a stylish smart bag that charges your phone cordlessly

Everpurse wireless charging purse

For ladies who are tired of stuffing extra battery packs or charging cords for their smartphones inside their handbags, that struggle comes to an end now. Everpurse will allow you to simply drop your phone in a special pocket that charges your device without hooking it up to wires. This way, your phone is always charged and ready to go, even after a long day of use at work.

The technology works like this: At home, you can place your Everpurse on top of a white charging mat to load up power to the built-in dock inside the purse. When you take it out for the day, dropping your phone inside the special pocket that lines the dock up with the phone will automatically send charge to the device. The patent-pending design lets the dock couple up with your phone almost instantaneously, which keeps your phone at a steady battery level or gain more as you leave it inside the purse. When you arrive home again, just drop the purse on the white placemat again and redo your routine the following day.

Everpurse looks like your average clutch, which can be worn as a standalone bag or be dropped inside a larger purse. The design currently comes in fabric or leather finishes, and the charging dock is built inside an encasing to keep liquids out if you happen to spill something inside the bag. Everpurse also advertises that it works with both iPhone and most Androids, with a final lineup to be announced after the iPhone 5 hardware is officially revealed.

If I do say so myself, Everpurse is one of the smartest and most practical integration of a charging mat yet. You can keep an item charged seamlessly without carrying bulky accessories around, or have to constantly check your battery level to see if it’ll last the night. It also sucks to be one of those people who run into bars and restaurants looking for outlets and having to choose seats that are within reaching distance from one. Seriously, this changes everything.

As a project on Kickstarter, the creators of Everpurse are seeking $100,000 in funding to bring Everpurse to market. A pledge of $130 gets your the fabric version while $160 earns you leather. All parts of the purse will also be crafted in the United States. Additional funding can be added to request additional colors or personal engraving and stitching if you want to add a company logo or a dedication note inside the bag. The project runs up until October 13, and has earned nearly a third of its goal after only two days of funding. We look forward to seeing the Everpurse come to life, bridging technology with fashion for the tech-infused woman.

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