Find out if your kid actually stayed at home last night with the Home Lie Detector Test

find kid actually stayed home last night lie detector test dectector
Your son or daughter might have snuck out the night before to that party they constantly told you they wanted to go to. Some of them are terrible at covering it up, so you find out almost immediately. However, kids can be very clever, so what happens if there isn’t anything obvious that gives away what they actually did? Enter the Home Lie Detector Test.

Likely designed with the paranoid parent in mind, the Home Lie Detector Test is a USB-powered lie detector kit that is equipped with digital pulse and skin monitors. These allow parents to essentially conduct a polygraph from the safe prison that they and their kids call home.

As you ask your kids questions, the lie detector kit takes baseline readings of their pulse rates, as well as their skins’ electrical resistance, in order to detect subtle changes. The software for the test is free. It graphs and stores data in real time for analysis.

For those parents who barely place any trust in their kids — and why would they? — the $400 Home Lie Detector Test is an easy purchase to make. You can buy it from an online retailer’s website. Just be prepared for your kids to give you the same treatment one day.

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