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G-Tech Slings iPod Messenger Bags

G-Tech Slings iPod Messenger Bags

Accessory maker G-Tech (a brand of Good Hope Bags has come up with a new way for users to take their iPods—and all their other stuff—with them wherever they go, and enable them to listen to their music without the hassle of managing wired earbuds or even high-end Bluetooth music headsets. That’s right: G-Tech is marketing a new iPod-enabled messenger bag with an integrated external speaker.

The messenger bag provides a space for both a mobile phone, laptop, and an Apple iPod media player; users can control the iPod from ElekTex, five-layer laminate controls on the messenger bag’s strap, so there’s no hassle of fumbling with a flap to manage the device. The bag also features what G-Tech describes as a “first of its kind” built-in speaker to deliver “stereo quality” sound. The speaker also offers a 3.5mm extension cable, so you the messenger back can be plugged into other audio sources, like stereos, laptops, and other media players.

“The G-Tech Messenger Bags will become the ‘must have’ item for anyone with an active lifestyle. The bags make it easy to enjoy music and other digital devices without having to stop what they’re doing and fumble through the bag to control the device,” said G-Tech’s. “We’ve been astounded by the market response—particularly strong among young adults and college age students—to our revolutionary line of wearable technology. We expect this new bag’s trendy messenger style to really catch on with busy professionals and the ‘Generation-Y’ market.”

G-Tech says the bags will be available from major retailers for a suggested price of $129 in either chocolate brown and black. No word on how the “stereo quality” speaker is driven; if it operates off the iPod battery, expect using it to put a dent in the iPod’s battery life.

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