GenevaSound S Aims to Make Hi-Fi iPod Speakers Affordable

GenevaLab is best known for its high-end iPod-compatible sound systems that aim to bring superior sound quality and components to consumers, home theater fans and audiophiles…and they do so at a price, with iPod products carrying suggested retail prices ranging from $699 to $1,999. Now, GenevaLab is trying to bring some of that technology down to earth, announcing the GenevaSound S, offering high-quality sound reproduction, iPod dock, plus a choice of table-top or on-stand presentation for just $299.

GenevaLabs GenevaSound S (black)

The GenevaLab S features two 3-inch drivers (we know it looks like there is just one speaker: all the GenevaSound products look that way and they’re all stereo, honest) along with a class D energy-efficient amp that pushed 15 watts to each channel. The unit offers an iPod Universal Dock that supports a wide variety of iPod devices (nanos, minis, classic, touch) plus the iPhone, and also packs and alarm, an FM radio with six station presets, and a line-in connective for non-iPod sound sources. Customers also get a remote for controlling music playback.

GenevaLabs GenevaSound S (white)

The GenevaSound S itself is a single cabinet made from high-density composite fiber with a piano-gloss finish—white, black, and red models will be available. . The GenevaSound S uses the company’s EmbracingSound technology and digital signal processing to optimize audio output:
GenevaLabs describes the sound quality as “amazing” considering the unit’s small size; of course, the company also offers larger (and more expensive) models.

The GenevaSound S won’t be available until early 2010—GenevaLabs says they’re already sold out of the black models and don’t expect to fulfill orders for those until March 2010. But interested folks can get in line for a system for $299.

GenevaLabs GenevaSound S (red)

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