Get Your Butt in Gear with iPod Levi’s

Levi Strauss announced its new RedWire DLX jeans on Tuesday. What differentiates these pantaloons from run-of-the-mill blue jeans? Why, the built-in iPod controller, of course!

Although Levi Strauss hasn’t released any images of the jeans, the RedWire DLX’s will feature a built-in docking cradle for the iPod, along with retractable headphones and a joystick built into the jeans’ watch pocket to move between tracks and (presumably) adjust volume. The jeans will be available for men and women, but they’re going to be priced at about $200 a pair and you’ll have to wait until August to set hands on them.

Outdoor clothier Burton Snowboards made an iPod compatible snowboarding jacket back in 2003, and LA clothes maker Kenpo launched men’s jackets with a built-in iPod controller on the sleeve in late 2005, but the RedWire DLX jeans may be the first pants designed with the iPod in mind.

Despite the high price tag, the move may further bolster iPod replacement sales. You just know more iPods are going to wind up experiencing the joys of a spin cycle in these jeans, don’t you?