Meet Graham, a sculpture that may just scare you into driving safely

Ever wonder what we would look like if our anatomy was designed to survive a car crash? It’s not pretty. In fact, it is a downright horrifying sight to behold. Just ask Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, the sculpting whiz who created Graham, a lifelike model of a human whose anatomy is optimized to survive a car crash.

To highlight the dangers of automobile accidents and promote safe driving, the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia, hired Piccinini to create a model that can survive the multiple forces exerted on a body during a typical automobile crash. The result is Graham, a thick-headed, no-neck persona that mildly resembles Jabba the Hutt. “Graham is an educational tool that will serve the community for years to come as a reminder of why we need to develop a safer road system that will protect us when things go wrong,” said Joe Calafiore, chief executive officer of the Transport Accident Commission, in a statement.

From head to toe, no anatomical details were overlooked. Starting with the head, which is the most vulnerable in a crash, Graham has created a reinforced skull that absorbs an impact, protecting the brain from damage. The neck, which is another area that is affected significantly during an accident, is nonexistent. Piccinini instead fused the head with the body and added a few layers of protective fat in that area. Moving down the body,  the torso and its vital organs are protected by the addition of airbag-like structures that layer beneath the ten extra pair of nipples. Last, but not least are the legs, which are designed for bracing up against a seat. They also include a knee joint capable of bending in every direction, a necessary feature that prevents the limb from snapping in a crash.

Graham is on display at the State Library of Victoria in Australia and will go on tour throughout the country starting August 8. Those outside of Australia can visit Graham’s website, where they can check out a 360-degree view of the worlds’ best crash dummy.