Griffin Offers Up New iPod Car Charger

Griffin Technology, a developer of iPod accessories, today announced an updated auto charger designed for use with most current and recent iPods. The new PowerJolt is priced at $19.99 and looks to be available now.

The PowerJolt, said Griffin, charges the iPod as it either plays music or sits in standby mode while one drives. It plugs into any available 12V accessory port or cigarette light socket and sports a status LED which changes color to indicate charging status. It comes in a black industrial design and also has a replaceable fuse to have prevent overcharging or power surges.

Included with the PowerJolt is a detachable, 48” USB to dock connector cable and iFill LE, a free, limited version of Griffin’s software which streams free Internet radio stations for recording to an iPod as MP3 files.