H2O Gets Wet with the 2nd-Gen iPod shuffle

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Although it’s been almost a year since Apple originally announced it’s diminutive second-generation iPod shuffle, accessory maker H2O Audio has just announced its iS2 waterproof case for the music player, enabling iPod fans to take their tunes with them while swimming.

“The Shuffle is gaining an enormous following with swimming and water sport enthusiasts everywhere,” said H2O Audio’s CEO Kristian Rauhala, in a statement. “Not only is the latest Shuffle lightweight and inexpensive, but it easily holds 240 songs and gives you 12 hours play time on a single charge. All these features make it the perfect choice for athletes. Our iS2 waterproof case mirrors the Shuffle’s sleek design and provides inexpensive yet durable waterproof protection for all environmental conditions.”

The iS2 offers impact protection for the iPod shuffle, and is rated for unlimited submersion at depths up to 10 feet. The case featured a patented control pad which enables users to access the shuffle’s controls even while underwater, and the case comes with a sport armband. And, although the iS2 does not ship with H2O Audio’s underwater headphones, it is fully compatible with them, and they are available as a separate purchase.

The iS2 is priced at $39.95, and pre-orders are open now with shipments scheduled to start August 25. Of course, after spending $39.95 on a case and $39.95 on headphones, that $79.00 iPod shuffle starts to look a little like an accessory to your water gear, rather than the other way around….