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Hands on with new headphones from Klipsch

We stopped by the Klipsch suite this week at CES to check out the new line of Image headphones from the high-end audio retailer. The company was showing off several new or updated styles of in-ear headphones as well as a new on-ear style that has recently booted Bose from the Apple store, which stands as a huge victory for the company.

One of the most intriguing products on Display at Klipsch was the shockingly low-priced S3 series in-ear headphones (above), ringing in at only $49.99 a pair. Klipsch has never branched into this price bracket before, but is aiming to get high-quality sound to a younger generation with the company’s patented oval silicone ear tips and a range of bright colors. We tested them out and the headphones are shockingly comfortable, especially for an in-ear style, and provide impressive sound for the low price point. The comfortable fit and silicone ear tips create a seal in the ear that also provides a nice noise-canceling effect. The bass levels are not as outstanding as some of Klipsch’s other models, but the S3 is a great model to introduce high-quality audio to an audience interested in a lower price.

The first on-ear style for Klipsch to introduce, the Image ONE Stereo headphones exhibit all of the comfort, design and quality that the company is known for, in a slightly different style. Those audiophiles who prefer the on-ear style should be eager to get their hands on a pair of these headphones. The fit, with foam ear cups and genuine leather detailing, is extremely comfortable and provides good noise-cancelation as well. The music we listened to on the Image ONE’s sounded great and had stellar bass. This style also features an Apple-based mic and a three-button remote that can control playback on select Apple devices as well as receive phone calls. The headphones are available in black and will soon be available in white (above, prototype design). They retail for $149.99 and are available through Klipsch and also at the Apple store.

The company also showcased a pair of rugged in-ear headphones designed for active consumers. The style offers rubber casing for grip, a larger three-button remote for easier control, and a nearly invincible hard case.

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