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IEEE 1394 Makes Progress in Family Rooms

IEEE 1394, also known as FireWire and Sony’s i.LINK interface, isn’t just for PC’s anymore. According to In-Stat, IEEE 1394 is working its way into more CE products, like your television, DVD player, and set-top boxes. The older 1394a spec which provides 400 Megabits/second of bandwidth, is the interface often being used for new CE products, while the newer, higher bandwidth 1394b which supports 800 Megabit/second of data, is starting to make its way onto PC motherboards. 

“Recent member surveys indicate that all the leading CE manufacturers are taking advantage of 1394 as they develop new generations of HDTVs, set top boxes, digital video recorders, and other innovative new products,” says James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association.

Who needs HDMI when you can use FireWire?

In-Stat also found the following:

— 2004 saw the first release of 1394 in the automotive market;

— The 1394c specification is close to completion;

— Devices with Wireless 1394, a specification to transmit 1394 wirelessly over Ultra Wideband, should begin to hit the market in 2006.

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