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ifrogz Tadpole Gives Kids a Grip on iPods

ifrogz Tadpole Gives Kids a Grip on iPods

For most people, a video capable iPod is a small, somewhat expensive consumer electronic device; not the sort of thing one would necessarily hand to a toddler with just the words “Now, be careful!” Because you know it’s fairly likely to hit the floor, be flung across the room, or get dunked in some juice.

But, when you consider the iPod is a small, somewhat expensive consumer electronics device which can play cartoons…the involvement of small children becomes somewhat inevitable.

Enter the Tadpole, a new iPod case from accessory maker iFrogz. The Tadpole combines a coated silicone iPod case and transparent screen cover with two comfort-grip handles, which make the iPod less likely to slip out of little hands while they’re enjoying a video or other video on the iPod. The case leaves open areas for the click wheel, screen, and ports, and helps protect the iPod against the bumps, thumps, and scrapes of a child’s everyday life.

“Many families have DVD players in their cars to help entertain their kids on road trips,” said Scott Huskinson, ifrogz’s president. “Now it’s possible for moms and dads to entertain their children wherever they go with an iPod in a Tadpole case—in the supermarket, at the doctor’s office, waiting in line, at the gym, as well as on a long trip. ifrogz’s Tadpole has got their entertainment needs—and your iPod—covered.”

And, hey, if nothing else, those comfort grip handles give a little extra oomph when the little darlings decide the iPod wants flying lessons! The Tadpole cases are available in orange and purple, and carry a suggested price of $24.99, although preorders are open now for $19.99, with shipping expected November 1.

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