iHome iHM77BC Portable Speakers

There really isn’t much portability when it comes to most portable speaker systems out there. A majority of them equate to shrunken down computer speakers loaded up with AA batteries, which you would be lucky to fit in a backpack, much less your pocket. iHome’s new iHM77BC capsule speakers manage to break that mold with a neat trick though – they collapse.

Like an accordion, the dome-shaped speakers expand out to nearly double in size using a flexible center baffle. Just hook them up via a standard 3.5mm jack, pop them open, and you have an instant tabletop stereo for an MP3 player, notebook, or other audio source.

iHome iHM77BC Speakers
Image Courtesy of iHome

Their flat bases also couple together with magnets, turning both half-domes into a single pill shape. And rather than bulky AA batteries, they use rechargeable lithium ion batteries that pack more juice per ounce, and fill up with a standard USB connection.

You can pick up a pair in black, silver or red for $50 directly through iHome. More information can be found on the company’s Web site.