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iHome iP88 Doubles Up with iP88 Dual Docks and Dual Alarms

iHome iP88

Sometimes good things come in pairs…and sometimes they just double up. Accessory and peripheral maker iHome has introduced its new iP88 iPod/iPhone alarm clock/radio, which not only offers two separate alarms, but also sports two separate iPod docks so users can charge up and access audio on two separate iPod/iPhone decides. The iP88 aims at folks who find themselves using both an iPhone and an iPod, as well as at Apple-carrying carrying couples who have a pair of devices between them—it has a distinctively boxy look, but that may be just the thing for tucking onto a nightstand or into a bookshelf.

The iP88 features dual universal docks that work with any docking iPod model as well as the iPhone and iPod touch; of course, iPods and iPhones get charged while they’re docked. Users can set alarms to trigger the AM/FM radio, play a playlist from either an iPod or iPhone, or wake up to a traditional buzzer. The unit also also features a graduated volume setting for waking folks—or putting them to sleep—gently. The unit can handle 8 AM/FM presets, and features a line in jack to accommodate non-iPod media players. The iP88 ships with a remote control, and users can also sync the iP88’s clock to their iPod/iPhone time with the touch of a button.

The iP88 is available now for a suggested retail price of $149.99.

iHome iP88

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