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iLuv i202 Disconnects Bluetooth Headphones

iLuv i202 Disconnects Bluetooth Headphones

By now, some people have probably become inured to mobile phone users going about their daily lives while talking into thin air like lunatics, sporting molded plastic gizmos snapped onto one ear like they’re recent escapees from a Star Trek convention. They think they’re so hip, but they’re not, because you know their little secret: if they want to listen to ther vintage, ironic, or bumpin’ music using that oh-so-snazzy Bluetooth Snap-On Brain-Eater, it’s only going in one ear. Not the idyllic audio experience.

iLuv‘s i202 wireless Bluetooth headphones may be just the thing to restore these sad soul’s perceived status as tech-trendsetters. Like most Bluetooth stereo headsets, the iLuv i202s let users listen to stereo music, while enabling hands-free voice calling using their Bluetooth mobile phones. And like their preferred Bluetooth Brain-Eaters, they’re cable, free clip-on devices. But here’s the thing: the i202s offer two wireless clip-on earpieces, which offer stereo music while support voice calling, all without the outright dweebery of searing over-the-head, behind-the-neck, or earbud-style earphones.

The Bluetooth 1.2-complaint i202 headphones support HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles and offer up to 14 hours of listening time (13 hours of talk time, and 200 hours of standby) on a single battery charge. The units also offer 30 mm drivers and ship with a USB power adapter, USB cable, and a wireless audio transmitter which can turn any audio source without Bluetooth—you know, like one of those iPod thingies—into a wireless soure for the headphones. The phones also integrate standard media control functions (play/pause, Skip, and volume).

The iLuv i202s are available now for a suggested price of $89.95.

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