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iLuv iMM178 Vibe Plus: Wake, Rattle, and Roll

We know, we know: some mornings it is just impossible to get out of bed without literally being shaken, slapped, and thrown onto a cold, cold floor. iPhone and iPod accessory maker iLuv can’t promise to to all that for you— but its new Premium iMM178 Vibe Plus does include bed-shaker that’s designed to jiggle a bed or pillow in order to help people get their mornings started right.

“iLuv is very happy to add a premium quality version of our Bed Shaker Dual Alarm Clock to our series of alarm clock docks ,” said iLuv marketing manager Howard Kim, in a statement. “This is a great solution for heavy sleepers.

The iMM178 Vibe plus is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and a wide variety of recent iPods, and features two alarms that can be set up for everyday, weekday, and weekend waking options (the so-called 7-5-2 combination, in alarm-clock jargon). The unit features built-in speakers and an FM radio, a large LCD display with dimmer control, and an integrated iPod dock that charges your favorite Apple device while you sleep. However, the innovative—or deeply annoying, depending on your point of view—feature of the iMM178 is the bed shaker, which is designed to vibrate a pillow or a bed to make sure people wake up on time. The shaker features a three-level volume control and connects to the main iLuv unit with a cable…which means when you groggily ty to fish it out from underneath you and throw it across the room, you’ll also be tossing your iPod or iPhone with it, so be careful.

The Premium iMM178 Vibe Plus should be available now from iLuv and other retailers for a suggested price of $89.99.

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