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IP TV Revenue to Grow to $7.2B in 2008

The latest report by Research and Markets suggests that the current subscriber base projected around 2 million, will grow to more than 25 million in 2008 and will generate more than $7 billion in annual revenue.

IP TV based service is taking off overseas, but has it really caught on here in the states? When was the last time you met someone that used an IP TV based product?

At this years Consumer Electronics show, we saw a very cool IP TV based service from SBC that was able to stream video content to multiple TV’s throughout the home using a single broadband internet connection. The SBC service featured DVR set-top boxes and allowed you to program recorded content using your cell phone. How cool is that?

IP TV service provider Akimbo today announced they have dropped the price of their set-top box from $229 to only $99 dollars. If you are interested in trying out an IP TV service, there is no better deal out there.

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