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Jawbone Era headset features apps, motion controls

If you have been on the hunt for the sleekest, most high-tech mobile headset out there, we’ve found it. The successor to the near-perfect IconJawbone’s Era ($129.99), , is about as advanced as headsets come, and has a sexy design to boot. The headset features the company’s military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology to expertly filter out any background noise or wind. The headset also automatically adjusts incoming call volume based on the background noise of your environment. Improved “HD” sound from a powerful speaker is an added bonus, and the Jawbone Era also makes use of the company’s patented MotionX technology, which allows users to shake the headset to put it in pairing mode, and tap it to answer incoming calls.

The Jawbone Era syncs with the company’s MyTALK platform, which enables users to download apps and configure settings. Users can activate Caller ID by name, adjust the voice and language of the headset, or program the device to send e-mails and text messages by voice. The Jawbone Era is available in four different designs (above) and comes with eight earbuds (and an optional binaural earloop) for the perfect fit.

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