Jens of Sweden MP-300 MP3 Player Review

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“Comparing the Jens of Sweden MP-300 with the Top 3 256MB Flash MP3 Player on, which are currently the iRiver iFP-190T, Creative MuVo NX  and the Digitalway MPIO FL100, the cool look and the FM Transmitter are the major advantages. All those players are about the same size and weight. The others are cheaper, but they lack the FM Transmitter, which costs anywhere from $20 to $60. The feature richness, the ease-of-use and the excellent sound quality makes this MP3 Player a great choice. The design gives it the necessary edge to stand-out. If we would have a point ranking at I4U, it would get a 10.
The MP-300 sells for $219.99 at Outward Sound. “

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Look for Designtechnica’s review of this killer player in about a week.

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