Watch this jet ski destroy a drone, and catch some serious air

Anti-drone death rays, electromagnetic defense shields, and net-firing bazookas are all pretty awesome options for taking out rogue quadcopters, but how about a Jet Ski as the weapon of choice for machines straying into no-fly zones?

Judging by a video from New Zealand-based photographer Guy Mac, the powerful water craft could be the perfect solution for crowded beaches with drone bans, though admittedly the small matter of the drone’s altitude could scupper its chances of becoming a serious solution.

OK, Mac’s video suggests the spectacular takedown was really an unfortunate accident rather than a deliberate move. Hardly surprisingly, the delicate drone was clearly no match for the might of the much heftier Jet Ski, with the quadcopter’s owner surely looking on in slack-jawed horror as their flying machine – by the looks of it a DJI Inspire 1 worth up to $4,500 – ended its journey in bits. And in the sea.

Perhaps the owner took it as a lesson, albeit a rather pricey one, about keeping a safe distance from your subject. Yes, bad things can happen if you get too close.

While the Jet Ski is unlikely to ever become a viable option for destroying rogue quadcopters, plenty of tech firms are working hard on a range of solutions to help the authorities better control the skies in restricted areas such as airports, crowded public events, and prisons.

Just last week, for example, we learned of the impressive SkyWall 100 device, essentially a net-firing bazooka that can apparently down a drone at 100 meters.  In Japan, cops are already making use of a drone capable of chasing down suspicious copters before ensnaring them in a large net, while Utah officers are hoping for permission to use firearms to take out illegal drones.

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